Licenseplate Recognition Camera's And Software

The use of license plate recognition as access control in your parking lot or in your parking garage has many advantages. This way your customers can easily enter and leave the parking lot.
Our intelligent license plate software is developed in-house and we can therefore provide you with customization for your specific access control project.  

Multitenancy Webbased Licenseplate Recognition Software

Multitenancy what is that? Multitenancy, or multitenant, is a technique that ensures that multiple users (tenants) can use only one and the same software application. Nowadays license plate recognition is increasingly used in multi-company buildings, camping sites and other recreational purposes. Each tenant, and even the user (license plate holder) can get his or her own unique login to log in to the license plate system and change license plates. The license plate software runs centrally and you can log in to it via an internet webpage. This means that only one license plate recognition system is needed for a large building or site with all different parties. Feel free to contact us and discover how efficiently our web-based license plate software can work for you.

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Most Accurate LicensePlate Recognition Will detect plates under the most difficult circumstances
Desktop Software Carl licenseplate software standalone for your pc or server
Webbased Software Carl webbased software accessible with your webbrowser all over the world